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Sports bras manufacturers & wholesale supplier

We are a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of sports bras which was founded in 2013 in Dongguan city, the garments production central area in China. We can provide different sports bras samples for your business plan. You can use our services to customize sports bras easier.

Whether you are a hot brand or you want to be a founder of a new activewear brand, DANLANG, as a sportswear activewear manufacturer and wholesale supplier, can help you to get success.

Let us produce sports bras for your brand, there is a tip.

A sports bra is a necessary product for women's activewear and sportswear. It can make training more comfortable, improve workout performance and reduce exercise injuries by providing comfortable support.

The workflow with us is quite simple. You just need to choose the color of the sports bra in the sample design, where to place the logo, and then start your sample production. Then, after the confirmation of the sample, you only need to decide the quantity of the order.

We ensure that you get high-quality service, and we guarantee high quality and low prices.