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3 BENIFITS of seamless knitted clothing

3 Benifits of seamless knitted clothing


Seamless knitted clothing is a kind of garment that uses computer pre programmed to drive seamless computerized circular knitting machine to knit finished or semi-finished products without side bone position at one time. This garment making process greatly reduces the manual sewing process on the garment.

Benifits of seamless knitted clothing

At present, the main types of seamless knitted clothing products are: seamless knitted underwear, body shaping clothing, seamless sportswear and compression clothing, as well as some special functional ergonomic clothing.

Seamless knitted clothing generally uses the seamless circular knitting machine of Italian SANTONI brand. The high elastic knitted underwear, sportswear, body shaping clothes and outerwear produced by this technology can reduce the seams of key parts, effectively reduce the friction with the body in the process of human activities, improve the comfort, and maintain the stability and balance of the body.

There are 3 benifits in the summary:

1.According to the functional requirements of customers, yarns can be flexibly selected: nylon, polyester, spandex, polypropylene and other functional chemical fibers, or natural fibers such as cotton and bamboo fibers or Tencel and other recycled fibers. It can fully meet the requirements of moisture absorption, perspiration, temperature regulation, antibacterial and elastic properties of various types of clothing.

2.More fit for body shape: seamless knitted clothing is full of elasticity, more close to the body, more suitable for shaping women's beautiful body curve. As a functional corrective body shaping clothes, you can also correct your chest, waist, buttocks and back;

3.Stability: seamless knitted clothing generally has extraordinary elasticity, which also makes the fixation of body parts of this kind of clothing particularly good. In sports, even in daily life, it can greatly improve the stability of the body, reduce the vibration of the body and avoid muscle damage. This is a surprise in seamless sportswear and seamless underwear products Now.

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