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Finding Your Perfect Fit: Top Factors for Choosing a Reliable Activewear Factory in 2024
January 13,2024
Navigate the activewear factory maze and find the perfect partner to fuel your brand's success. Sustainability, quality, performance, and more – discover the key factors for choosing a reliable factory in 2024.
2023's Most Compelling Trends in Activewear: A Deep Dive
December 22,2023
2023's activewear scene shines with green innovation, bespoke designs, and digital smarts. Brands embracing these trends will write the future of athletic apparel, where sustainability meets peak performance, one personalized stride at a time.
2023, what topic has been most popular in the apparel industry?
December 08,2023
2023's Most Popular Apparel Industry Trend: Sustainability Takes Center Stage
Year-end: The most popular topic in the Garment industry in 2023.
November 03,2023
Activewear and functional garments industry is a major contributor to environmental pollution and social injustice.There are a number of sustainable practices that factories can implement to reduce their environmental impact and improve the lives of their
The Garment Industry: The Importance of Sustainability
September 20,2023
The garment industry is a major polluter and exploiter of workers. However, there is a growing movement for sustainability in the industry. We can all do our part by buying less, buying better, and taking care of our clothes.
As a Leading China Activewear Factory, Small Ways to Sustainability
August 16,2023
By making these small changes, leading China activewear factories can help to protect the environment, improve the lives of workers, and create a more sustainable future for the global economy.