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From fibers to our factory, from the chemicals that must be carefully managed to the methods we package and ship each style. Everything we do is for our customers. Sustainability has been part of our daily life.

When you choose sustainably made clothing, you’re casting a vote for social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and a fundamental change in the method clothing is made.

Recycled Fibers & Materials

We utilize quite a few. More products are made with recycled fibers and materials.
Sustainable clothing begins with the right ingredients, and here at DANLANG.

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Do you have any questions about how to choose a qualified factory to do OEM for your brand? 

For example,
where did this T-shirt come from? 
Is it factory workers who make it safe? Are their wages fair?
We’re committed to protecting workers throughout our supply chains with a program based on WRAP of Conduct.
Preserving Human Rights is Everyone’s Responsibility.


With our Clothing for Positive Change movement, we are committed to protecting our workers through responsible practices.

To do this, we honestly ask a few questions about our clothing:

1. Who is making them?
2. What are the conditions in the factories?
3. Where are our garments produced?
4. Are the factories compliant with our standards for safety?
5. What materials were used to make this piece of clothing?
6. Where do those materials come from?

We have a responsibility to answer these for our customers and partners. They will feel satisfied with our OEM services.

Our code of conduct

Our social responsibility code of conduct follows the WRAP standard. 

This guideline helps customers choose factories that comply with these standards and policies and provides the necessary transparency to ensure compliance with requirements.

Know more about WRAP.

These standards must be printed in our language and posted on the factory’s wall. Let the workers be aware of their rights.
We also ensure that workers have access to confidential channels for sharing grievances directly with the factory management and our sustainability team.

Certification of us.